Folk Art By Ric

I was born on a small farm west farm west of Saskatoon, Sk. In 1956. The oldest of 6 children and 9 years older than my nearest sibling I was forced to amuse myself a great deal which lead to the early aptitude with tools. Once in high school I began to experiment with writing and sketching and from there moved on to photography for several years. For the next 20 years I played around with writing, painting and some wood work, in the mid 90ís I began sculpting in metal, beginning with old bicycles and what ever else I could scrounge. In 2003 I formed a group called reARTcycle which brought together a group of artists working in found objects. I currently maintain a studio in Arelee, Sk.

Along with the shows listed below I participated in an average 15 art and craft sales a year over the past decade.

Aug./2010- Father/daughter show at SCYAP Saskatoon, Sk.

June 2010: Group show The Mix, Saskatoon,Sk.

May/2010: reARTcycle group show Paynton, Sk.

May/ 2010: reARTcycle Symposium Paynton, Sk where as a group we created a 15 foot high by 20 foot long space ship from found objects.

April/2010 Solo show The Mix Saskatoon, Sk.

April/2010 Prairie Sculptors group show Innovation Place Saskatoon, Sk.

Oct./2009: Solo show SCYAP, Saskatoon, Sk.

Sept./2009: Group show The Mix , Saskatoon, Sk.

Sept./2009 Prairie Sculptors group show Chapple Gallery, North Battleford,

Sept,2009 Prairie Sculptors symposium North Battleford, Sk. Where myself and three other artists constructed a 14 foot high Jack fish which was sold to the city of North Battleford.

July/2009: reARTcycle group show Tugaski, Sk.

July/2009 reARTcycle symposium Tugaski, Sk. Where as a group we created an art car and displayed it in a local parade.

May/2009: Group show The Mix, Saskatoon, Sk.

And so on and so forth.